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wedding reception with beautiful uplight using bulbs

Will uplights make a big difference at my wedding?

Have you ever been astounded by a wedding’s aesthetic nuances as well as its cozy, romantic atmosphere after viewing photos? Uplighting is probably to blame for that. Uplighting is an important component of the total lighting design package that will highlight your décor features and bring out the beauty of your venue, even though it is not a stand-alone method for making a wedding stand out.

Why brides should take uplighting into account when determining their wedding budget?

One of the best ways to improve the atmosphere of an event is using uplighting. It has become a common option when attempting to “fill” a room because it is typically less expensive than other decor options.

The lighting not only looks fantastic the night of, but it also leaves a lasting impression in your pictures or videos. “Up-lighting” is the most prevalent type of extra lighting.

What is uplighting?

Uplighting are simply light sources that sit on the ground and cast light “up,” emphasizing characteristics of a place. Normally, they are positioned around the room’s edge and have a variety of color settings. Many lights are battery-operated and include wireless controls, so they might change colors as the night goes on.

Which colors are the best?

Maintaining neutral and natural color tones for your uplighting is strongly advised by an expert.

If you want your wedding to remain timeless when people look back at images or films, use a soft white color that is akin to candlelight. For the dance portion of the evening, it is advised to use soft color palettes like a warm blush purple or an extremely light blue. This adds a splash of color while maintaining a classic elegance.

Why is adding uplight or additional lights important?

The addition of lighting can give the wedding an immediate atmosphere. If strategically positioned, it can transform your event space by drawing attention to the room’s architecture, the drapery behind a head table, or the ambiance of a formal ballroom. Rooms can get incredibly gloomy as the sun sets. When you add lights, you may rely less on the venue’s overhead lighting, which is frequently harsh or non-dimmable. When comparing images taken with and without uplighting, a significant difference is evident.

Other than lighting, there is still a lot more of important stuff for your guest to enjoy. This article is all about the ideas for wedding favors that guests will actually want.

Can additional lighting benefit my vision for the wedding?

Unconsciously, the lighting of an event is what draws attention. There are different types of lighting that can create focal points or an ambiance in addition to uplighting, which can provide a fantastic background. Your entire wedding design vision can be brought together by the lighting. Working with someone who can assist you plan the area is vital when trying to add lighting. A professional lighting designer will become familiar with your aesthetic and use the many possibilities appropriately.

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Last thoughts

Determine which wedding rental enhancements will have the largest influence on your big day by consulting with your spouse, your coordinator, your photographer, and your location. Upgrade the little things that will affect how you and your wedding guests feel overall if you’re unsure. After all, they won’t likely recall the enhanced linens, but they will recall how stunning the reception hall seemed when they arrived and the gorgeous dance floor that had them dancing all night.