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wedding reception after upgrading

Wedding Reception Upgrades Worth Your Money

There are some high-cost items to consider when planning your wedding reception budget, such as your reception venue, photographer, florist, DJ, and caterer. After you’ve taken care of the major vendors, it’s time to think about the wedding details that will add a personal touch to your special day.

Your wedding favors, personalized wedding decor, menus, ceremony programs, and our favorite photo booth are just a few of the smaller details.

Reasons why a photo both is an excellent idea for a wedding

A photo booth is a great way to wow your guests and leave a lasting impression. This is not only a fun addition for your guests, but it also allows them to mingle and make some fun memories. The photo booth pictures can be used as a favor for your guests, saving you money, and you’ll also receive a copy of the photos to create your own memory book.

Some people may believe that their wedding photographer’s photos are sufficient, but consider this. Even though your professional photographer will create a plethora of stunning portraits and candid shots, photos from a photo booth will provide you with a plethora of funny and natural candids that showcase the personalities of your friends and family. Throw in some great props, and you’ll see people really shine.

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Types of photo booths available

Gemini DJs provides a number of photo booth options, including:

Photo booth in arcade style

This is the most common kind of photo booth. It’s an actual arcade-style booth that prints guest photos on a strip of four or three photos and a monogram with your name and date on it.

Photo booth with mirror me

This type of photo booth is similar to a traditional photo booth, but it is a large mirror.

Photo booth in the open air

The photo booth style that allows for more guests to fit inside. These booths offer unlimited photos as well as three photos with a monogram or four photos on the strip.

Repeat backdrops step

One of the most recent event trends is step and repeat backdrops. Guests can walk the red carpet in front of custom 810′ backdrops with the guest of honor’s logo printed on them with this type of photo booth setup.

Photography on green screen

Green screen photography, which allows you to superimpose your guests into any scene, is another fantastic type of photo booth. Choose up to four different backgrounds from which your guests can choose.

The best photo booth supplies

While your photo booth will come with a variety of photo booth props, this is an excellent opportunity to personalize your wedding with some custom props. Listed here are some of our favorites:

Creative promotions

There are so many options to choose from: oversized sunglasses, feather boas, Viking hats, tiaras, and mustaches. Your guests will have a great time combining various accessories to create crazy costumes for their photos. You can visit stores after Halloween to take advantage of some great post-holiday sales for even more budget-friendly options.

Figures in live size

Obtaining life-size cut-outs of the bride and groom not only adds a personal touch, but also allows your guests to pose with you while you’re on the dance floor! This is a fun wedding reception prop that everyone will enjoy. If you want to get even more creative, you can get a cut-out of your favorite pet, celebrity, or movie character for even more photo booth fun!

Personalized promotions

Making some personalized props that represent you as a couple is a great way to add a personal touch to your wedding day. You can make signs with your names and wedding date, buy props that match your wedding theme, or buy items that showcase a favorite hobby or fandom. Get a Spider-Man mask, Thor’s hammer, or Captain America’s shield, for example, if you’re both a superhero and a comic book fan.

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