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Buffalo Entertainment Pros aims to provide the greatest customer experience for event participants in New York. We have over ten years of event photography experience under our belt. In terms of photography workflow, we never settle for “good enough.” Everything counts to us, from image quality to customer service.

We are well-known for our event photography services, such as studio photography, weddings, birthdays, corporate events, graduations, and special events. Not to mention our stellar services for producing videos and editing.

We give the consumer experience a lot of thought

Buffalo Entertainment Pros is a company that is committed to giving its clients outstanding service. We take the time to evaluate how we can provide the best value to all participants, as well as the sponsors, organizers, and spectators, at every event we cover.

The same is true of our commitment to documenting the event: you might not be aware of the “behind the scenes” work that promoters put into planning a significant event. Every event is unique, so we spend hours—sometimes even days—choosing the ideal spots to capture pictures, strategizing how to send photographers around the course, and adjusting our website and workflow to optimize how the images are delivered online.

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We are aware of the characteristics of excellent photographs

A fantastic shot may be made technically by a number of Buffalo Entertainment Pros, including lighting, focus, and composition. The non-technical side of photography, however, is equally important and can vary depending on the occasion.

We take note of the details that distinguish an occurrence. For every event, we always record the social interaction, laughter, and enjoyment that take place within and outside the event’s perimeter.

Remember that everyone of our photographers has first-hand knowledge of what makes a great shot because they have all experienced being on the subject’s side of the camera. Additionally, we edit EVERY photo before uploading, allowing you to download and use your image immediately.

We receive live images QUICKLY

Our customers value our turnaround time as one of our key strengths. Waiting days or weeks to see your event images is the worst. The greatest time to view your images is right after your event, while you are still excited. Thousands of photographs have routinely been supplied to the public overnight for viewing or within a few days for especially big events.

It’s simple to locate your photos

We try our best to get pictures of every participant at the events we cover. This implies that there may be a ton of pictures.

We personally tag each photo since we know how frustrating it may be to have to sift through hundreds of pictures to find yours and want to make it simple for you to look for your pictures by name.

Our customer service is amazing, not simply present

We accept client inquiries and answer to them in a polite manner, exactly as you’d expect from any professional business, via live chat at the bottom of our event galleries, as well as easily accessible emails & phone numbers on the site.

Upgrading your level of dependability

Since we’ve been playing this game for a while, we’ve discovered that anything worth doing is worth doing well.

Because of this, you can rely on our staff, machinery, website, and gallery system to be the best in the business. We can be relied on to handle local and national events that we shoot because we use the most dependable equipment, have backup camera equipment on hand, use data backups..

We can scale to the occasion

You should now be aware of the time and effort we invest in photographing events. It must take a lengthy night of post-event editing to take images of everyone, edit them all, and tag them with their name.

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