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The Top Photo Booths for DJs

Have you ever thought about including a photo booth package in your list of event services? If not, then you have now since we just made the concept enter your mind.

For DJs looking to add photo booths, Buffalo Entertainment Pros has the ideal option. You can continue to DJ while your booth functions smoothly, amplifies the celebration, and brings in extra money at every event.

Simply set it and forget it, giving value and creating enduring memories for your clients while generating more money from each booking. A great win-win situation.

A simple photo booth

Our cloud-based platform enables you to develop, edit, and activate new events from the same laptop you use for performances, allowing you to build specialized overlays and frames that elevate the event experience. You may provide clients with a well-organized gallery of all the fun by storing every photo you take at your events in your user portal.

Our picture kiosk is extremely portable and light

Since you’ll already be at your clients’ events, selling them this extra service is simple. Our booths are incredibly portable, lightweight, and small, and they readily fit into your existing DJ equipment kit. We made sure that our hardware was exceedingly simple to transport, especially if you were already carrying equipment.

The booth can be used immediately after being placed on its stand and turned on

You can also reserve on a per-event basis and leave the fulfillment to us, or you can buy the entire kit (complete with software and hardware packed and ready to use).

A photo booth attendant is not required because things are so easy and stable.

So your booth can function while you’re DJing and getting the audience going. This implies that, unlike with conventional photo booth setups, you won’t need to direct guests to the booth and hire a photo booth attendant.

While you play excellent music, the booth takes fantastic pictures. Win-win situation.

Now you have a cool idea with your DJ and photo booth. Branding is a must to do, find out why you should use photography and just how valuable it is to your branding.

Gather email addresses to create a marketing list

We record event data each time someone uses your photo booth and inputs an email or phone number to receive the digital image so that you may follow up or utilize it for digital marketing. Even better, our software may be set up to automatically add guests to email campaigns. Oh, and did we also mention that MailChimp is integrated with our system?

Sending your visitors the photo gallery after the event will allow you to follow up with them using the information from the photo booth. Or you can email them and request testimonials or recommendations. You might even invite people to upcoming events or give them discounts. Why wouldn’t they make another reservation if they’ve already had a positive experience with your business? 

Add photo booth bundles to your offers to increase revenue

What could be better than bringing a photo booth to your events to increase the fun? Increasing revenue, naturally.

Why not add something that can boost your per-event earnings when you’re already getting paid to provide the equipment (and the fun)? Customers of Buffalos Entertainment Pros can charge $300 to $500 on average every event to rent out their photo booth with specially created photo frames for their clientele. Consider this: if you host 100 events a year, you will have an additional $30–$50k in your pocket.

For the best experience of any event photographing, read and hire Buffalo Entertainment Pros because they are at the top.