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Mini Portrait Sessions for Corporate Events: A Success

Our ability to provide high-quality headshots for all guests by offering small sessions is becoming a great hit at Buffalo Entertainment Pro, in addition to capturing events. Everyone enjoys getting their professional portrait, which has the extra bonus of being usable right away. Sponsors can also use the event to promote their businesses. But why is this the case? Why does this service have such high value? Consider the reasons why most individuals struggle with their business headshot and how it might assist advertise your event:

Is your LinkedIn profile photo preventing you from landing your dream job?

Recruiters are searching you up on any social media or networking platform you use. You need a professional photo because it is your profile photo that people will glance at first. Your profile photo gives them a face to place in your résumé and serves as your first impression.

Here are five common mistakes people make with their social network profile photo and how to avoid them.

Not up to par

Your profile image is an important aspect of your online identity. Recruiters will look for you if your social media profile doesn’t have a good photo. Wouldn’t it be better if they looked at the picture you want them to look at rather than any random photo they come across?

Inappropriate Clothing

In your shot, keep your outfit simple. Wear the sweater your grandmother crocheted for you in college instead. Avoid using bright colors and patterns. Keep in mind that your potential employer might be looking at your picture. Dress in clothes that reflect your personal style.

Professional portrait photographers will allow you to try on numerous clothing to see what appears best in an image. Don’t use too much Photoshop. Look in the mirror. It’s a poor idea to alter your headshot to make you look like someone else.


Take note of the expression. As previously stated, take a look at yourself. Both the Cheshire cat grin and a complete blank look are awful. A severe expression is effective, but a little smile makes you appear more approachable.

Old Photographs

When was the last time you had your LinkedIn profile photo taken? Update your photo at least every two years and if you notice a substantial change in your appearance. An old photograph reflects poorly on your personality and suggests that you are out of touch or unconcerned.

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Lighting and Background Issues

A photograph in a park or at the beach? Bad concept.

People should be looking at you, not anything in the background. Request a strong background from your expert photographer. Even if your best friend owns the most up-to-date digital single-lens reflex camera (DSLR) and can photograph you for free, it isn’t perfect. To avoid a dreary photo, you’ll need not just a good camera and the suitable background, but also proper lighting. Corporate headshots taken in fluorescent lighting in your office can result in fairly dreary images. Make sure your images are taken in appropriate natural light or in combination with natural light.

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