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Instant photography as a brand-building tool

The days of waiting for many things are long gone. Perhaps more importantly, our clients want everything right away, and keeping visitors waiting is no longer acceptable.

With the help of social media, we can now capture pictures and films, watch the results right away, submit them to websites, and get immediate response from our social networks.

The majority of photographers still make their clients and guests wait for their images because they have been sluggish to adapt to technology and societal change. Guests at numerous events still frequently never see the professional images that were shot of them.

As a result, many businesses have lagged behind when it comes to photography and offering clients and visitors rapid gratification.

What can marketers offer right away at their experiential events and activations that their visitors and customers will appreciate so that they can promote their brand?

Here are some recommendations

Event photography that includes instant printing

Offering guests and clients real printouts is always quite popular and a wise decision when thinking about any marketing activity.

The branding can be strengthened by putting the prints in custom wallets and adding an overlay to the prints.

Three factors in particular make this choice prevalent:

  • It’s unusual. How recently have you printed off a picture?
  • the standard. A print often has 18 times the resolution of a screen-viewed image!
  • longevity. A print will endure, as most people are aware. It will eventually be discovered in the very far future at the bottom of a shoe box. Will we ever have those kinds of memories from digital photos shared on social media? I have my doubts.

Even at the biggest events, printing can keep up with demand because photos may be produced quickly (10 seconds for a postcard-sized print). Of course, adding additional printers can speed up the process even further.

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Instantaneous digital image sharing

Although physical prints are immensely popular, they frequently fall short of meeting customers’ needs for rapid gratification because they frequently prefer digital photographs.

Typically, people want digital photos to post on social media. For a variety of causes, including;

  • to brag about
  • to make their identify known
  • to win the favor of others
  • to spend some time with other people
  • to garner interest

Setting up tablets that show event photographs more or less immediately after they are shot will enable digital image sharing.

Then, visitors can select and share their images;

  • using email
  • with Facebook
  • with Instagram
  • using Twitter

Of course, the guest who receives their images digitally must pay a “fee.” Usually, the event’s sponsoring brand will add an overlay to the images, and the attendee will be a supporter of that brand. The higher the event’s uniqueness, the greater the urge to share it, and the more power the brand has.

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