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Five Ideas For Wedding Favors That Guests Will Actually Want

You are carefully considering every aspect of your wedding day as you arrange your big day. Furthermore, you don’t want to give your guests wedding favors that they will only use once. Come on, admit it—you’ve done it before.

Give your guests one of the following as a favor instead of a boring gift to assure they will treasure it forever.

Flower seeds for wedding favors

Give your guests some seeds so they can grow their own in their gardens if the bridal flower of your choice is a plant that is relatively simple to produce. With this thoughtful gift, you can help your visitors remember your big day through sight and smell. If you anticipate having a lot of flowers at your wedding, seeds are a unique and considerate gift that your guests will treasure for a long time (especially if the flower is a perennial).

Handkerchiefs with embroidery

An embroidered, monogrammed hanky would be much appreciated by your wedding guests. With this unique wedding favor, you can help your guests through their happy tears now and cheer them up during sad times in the future.

The value of tangible objects like handkerchiefs will last longer than that of chocolates or desserts. The purpose of wedding favors and keepsakes is to serve as reminders of your wedding.

Shaker Cocktail Wedding Favor

Your guest will remember you every time they use your custom cocktail shaker while they are hosting their own guests in the future. This wedding favor is a sophisticated and lovely concept for the playful pair.

Individual can koozie

Can Koozies are a cheap gift that can feature your wedding colors, a funny message, and your initials as a couple. A can koozie has plenty of space for customization. Can koozies are a no-brainer if your visitors prefer their drinks icy cold throughout the hot summer months.

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Photo Booth Favors for Weddings

We love making wedding photo booth prints as souvenirs since they can be customized. Nothing is more intimate than actual pictures from your special day. Using a photo booth as your wedding favor might give your guests some discretion over what they take home with them as prints are frequently instantaneous.

Because your wedding was (will be) spectacular, personalizing your template and backdrop will help your guests recall whose wedding they were at when they look at the pictures and remember how much fun they had.

Your wedding anniversary will be prominently displayed every year if you include your wedding date on the photo booth templates and other tangible wedding souvenirs. This guarantees that your visitors will think to send you happy anniversary greetings.

Regardless of the wedding favor you select, you can’t go wrong by adding your own wedding day specifics to the memento. A wedding favor is meant to help your guests remember your special day for years to come so they can keep celebrating with you as a married couple.

Now you know the right ideas for your wedding, and its now time to also know the bad things or major mistakes people do at wedding. Ensure that your wedding will be a great experience by reading this article.

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