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wedding hall with special christmas lighting

Can a wedding entertainment company provide special lighting?

Yes. Most wedding entertainment companies provide lighting services according to the needs of the designs the bride and groom would like for their special day. Buffalo Entertainment Pros can turn any location into the right setting for your wedding or corporate event with our extensive variety of lighting options. You might have sophisticated, unobtrusive lighting or stunning, dazzling lighting. The lighting options we provide can be used to enhance the hues of your wedding, your flowers, or your theme.

We can provide dance floor special effects, outdoor and tent lighting, and uplighting. A special gobo that projects your monogram, company name, or a particular insignia onto a wall or dance floor is another option we provide. Whatever you decide, we will create an absolutely spectacular atmosphere.

Here are the various lighting options we provide for your upcoming wedding festivities.

Ceremonial background

The ceremony is the main event of the day, so be sure your vantage point is spectacular. This location will be the subject of numerous photographs, and the lighting imparts a romance that flowers cannot. Lighting is crucial when trying to create ambiance, whether you go all out or keep it basic.

Wedding Couple’s Table

Give this adorable little table for two all the attention you can! The two of you will be the center of attention at the reception, and adding lighting will literally keep the spotlight on you.

Wedding reception

When the correct lighting is used to set the mood, dining and dancing are so much more enjoyable! It would be excellent if you could dim your overhead lighting so that it could be a little brighter for dining and somewhat darker for dancing.

Invitations to a wedding with string lights

Lighting-themed invitations will create the right atmosphere long before your guests arrive. Send them out and sow the seeds of what is to come if you want to create a mood. Just gazing at it gives you the “warm fuzzies” that string lighting should.

Wedding Centerpiece

Candles! Candles are the most romantic thing there is! Get much more than you think you’ll need if you’re planning to do it yourself. And before you invest, be sure to ask your venue about their policies regarding flames.

Massive Letter Lights

Let your guests know they’ve arrived at the proper place and that they are here to congratulate the two of you with light-up lettering.  Since you may retain these after the wedding, your home will have decor that brings back lots of memories even when the lights are off.

Lighted branches and a tree

Adding lighting to the trees is not only beautiful, but it also has certain practical uses. This will make it easier for your guests to move around as the party continues into the night if your wedding is held entirely outside. If at all possible, get the lighting installed a few days before the wedding so you can make sure it functions as intended.

Now you know one of the reason, find out more of the best reason in why you should use a wedding entertainment company to ensure the best experience of your best day.

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